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Hi, I'm Heather
Your Best Curl Friend

While I have been in the industry as a hairstylist for 25+ years I really feel like my life started when I found curls.

Here is the journey from then to now....

My Journey Started Over 30 years Ago...

As much as I want to tell you about my passion for animals...that I spend my weekends at home on a farm with my husband and working with my hands, creating things and cooking.... I just can’t do it.

I’m way too GEN X to stand up in a crowd and tell you a little about myself. I’m much happier talking about work, hair actually. (curls to be exact)

I’m a creative and desk jobs were a death sentence for me. In the 1990’s culinary school was cool but professional kitchens in the 90’s still didn’t welcome women. That is when I found hairstyling as a trade.

Next Stop Was Barber School

I dove head first into Barber school hoping I could find a job I liked after years of dead ends. To my delight I was a natural at hair, I hit the ground running consuming every bit of knowledge in my path for a decade.

Stick straight was the style and I was BORED! By the mid 2000’s there was buzz on the street that curl education existed and I wanted it. By 2005 I started my journey to learn everything I could about curls.


Today, I Am Known As Your Best Curl Friend

In 2012 I opened Orange Salon in Austin Texas. We were on the map as a curl specialist salon. Over the last decade I have deepened my study of the science of curl. The anatomy of how different curl types function and the pitfalls of what can happen with neglect.

I want you to be on your team and journey with you to find the best curls possible.

While I have been in the industry for 25+ years I really feel like my life started when I found curls.

The Curl Club Was Born

...Place you can go 24/7 for great curl advice

...Tips and tricks to style your hair correctly

...Comprehension of the ingredients

...Honest reviews of products that actually work

...True Science of curls so that you are prepared and knowledge to care and maintain your awesome curls

The Curl Club is for anyone with curly hair that is looking to get her best curls possible on a regular basis. Support at home goes hand in hand with a great haircut!


I'm Pretty Sure I Can Guess Where You Are Right Now...

You feel like your hair is a train wreck after trying the next best thing and spending money on products that don’t really work. You feel lost, tired, or overwhelmed with the noise out there about how to care for curly hair.

Guess what? It is possible to have better hair days!

Trust Me, I know!

In the last 16 years of focusing my career on cutting and stying curly hair, I have seen it all. I have seen client after client try to figure things out on their own and end up causing more harm then good.

I know you have gorgeous curly hair hiding somewhere, and that is why I want you to find and keep your best curls possible. Let’s go on your hair journey together.

No more wondering if great hair days are a thing of the past. Experience your best curls possible by joining me in The Curl Club!


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